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Our Process

How We Review Software

We take software reviews serious. Every app goes through exhaustive research to ensure we know of the features and use cases.

1. We Sign Up

We sign up for every piece of software we review. In rare cases we can't sign up so we'll turn to tutorials and reviews to learn as much about the software as we can.

2. We Test & Explore

Our team signs up for, tests, and implements each piece of software reviewed. By giving every app a chance we can ensure honest feedback.

3. We Write Honest Reviews

We review applications with a simple 5 step process. View our reviews here.


Reviews for Every Team

SaaStly reviews software in a variety of categories to ensure your entire team can make use of our reviews and recommendations.

About Us

We obsess over SaaS.

Software is something we love. It's hard to explain but the process of optimizing a sales funnel or reducing customer support requests is a blissful experience.

We've found it to be impossible to find the right software on the first try so SaaStly was born.

SaaStly Team

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